Value Engineering to Optimize Your HVAC System

Value Engineering is the method of analyzing a project to attain the same essential functions at a lower cost. We achieve this through using alternative:

  • Designs,
  • Products, or
  • Manufacturers

Value engineering has always been an integral part of both commercial and residential construction.  With the economic climate of the last several years, it is even more important to provide this perspective to our clients.

A & M Mechanical evaluates our projects from a value point of view, even without being asked. We are dedicated to our clients and work hard to develop creative ways to save money on a job without sacrificing performance or quality.  We have years of construction experience that have given us a high level of expertise in this area.

In our Projects section you can see some of the many projects that are examples of value engineering where we have saved the owner money and still met the specifications and kept the quality of the job.