Mechanical Equipment Repair, Replacement, Installation, Maintenance, Chillers, Boilers, Multi-Stack

Chiller, Boiler & Multi-Stack Repair, Replacement, Installation, and Maintenance to maximize your uptime and stay on budget. On call 24/7.

We have many years of experience with industrial equipment ranging from large to small and in diverse industries such as food service, breweries, manufacturing and military facilities.

We will handle any of your issues, from repair, replacement and maintenance to new system installation. Please see below for our partial lists of services. Please contact us for specific situations.


  • Overall inspection
  • Verify pump flow and pressure performance per model specs
  • Verify refrigeration based cooling capacity performance per model specs
  • Leak check for all circuits (refrigeration, plumbing, condenser)
  • Check electrical functions
  • Repair electrical issues
  • Repair refrigerant leaks and re-charge
  • Repair water leaks
  • Clean and flush all wetted parts
  • Repair or replace refrigeration components – OEM compressor, condenser, plate exchanger, valves, OEM circulation pump
  • Repair or replace plumbing components – OEM plate heat exchanger, cacility/process solenoid valve, pump by-pass valve
  • New system design consultation and installation


  • Cleaning and inspection
  • Check burner, flue passages, vent pipe, flame-sensing rods, fans, blowers, block valves
  • Pipe and valve replacements
  • Repair or replace system components –tubes in water tube or fire tube boilers, air preheaters, condensers, economizers, evaporators, gaskets, gauges, heat exchangers, pumps  super heat elements, tube bundles, switches
  • New system design consultation and installation


  • Cleaning and inspection
  • Repair or replace system components – compressors, condensers, exchangers, transformers, transducers, gaskets, gauges, switches
  • New system design consultation and installation