Comprehensive Commercial & Industrial HVAC Replacement Services from A & M Mechanical, Inc.

When repair is no longer an option, we will work with you determine the best replacement system for your needs.

In order to make our best recommendation, we evaluate all areas of impact for your new system including:

  • Size of service area
  • Use of service area
  • Existing and partner systems
  • Additional needs such as building automation, district heating and cooling, etc.
  • Future expandability
  • Available discounts and credits

During our evaluation of your needs and recommendation of a new HVAC system, we call on our 60+ years of combined experience, as well as our advanced certifications including:

                  Indoor Air Quality Certified

                  Green Building Certified

                  LEED Certified

You may be interested in new, more efficient technologies that may work better for your application. We have experience with many Energy Efficient Solutions, such as Zone Control Systems, Solar Systems, Geothermal Systems, Founten Controls and more.

We will create and install the optimum HVAC system for your needs.