Our Team

Alan Heath


Alan has been in the HVAC industry since 1997. He began as an employee and over the years worked with two of the large HVAC companies in town. In 2011, he decided to go out on his own so that he could offer more of a “family” feel to the services he provides, and keep an eye on the quality of the service.

Prior to his HVAC work, he was a trouble-shooting regional manager for the McDonalds Corporation.  He spent 21 years with the company and the last seven of those required extensive travel and seven day work weeks. He still works those types of weeks, but even though he had wonderful learning experiences with large companies, he finds more of a personal satisfaction to do it on his own.

Alan specializes in preventative maintenance and innovative solutions. He has experience with some uncommon equipment – like various size boilers. He also works with gas equipment and refrigeration.  He holds many certifications including Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Green Building, and LEED.


Lisa Wilcox


Lisa has been in construction since 1987, when she started working for her dad in his manufacturer’s rep business.  Even as a kid, he took her to jobsites, up on roofs, climbing scaffolding, etc., so she is well accustomed to all the aspects of construction.

As a matter of fact, her dad got Lisa her very own hard hat for her 13th birthday.

Lisa has a degree in accounting and a minor in math.  Her specialty is forensic bookkeeping (reconstructive bookkeeping) and some mechanical engineering.  She can size ductwork, fans, louvers, etc. for various applications.

She also owns and runs West Coast Air Products – which is a manufacturer’s rep company serving West Central Florida and Western North Carolina, which she started in 2006.